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Terri's Treasures 4 U
Evansville, Indiana United States
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    Evansville Indiana, United States
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    Welcome to my store :) I sell unique baby and toddler quilts for that special child in your life.

    I don’t cut cost and increase my profit by purchasing cheap fabric. This is important as I expect the quilts I make to be used and washed. Cheap fabrics will not wear well. I also use true cotton batting. This will give the quilt a “crinkled” finish when washed (especially with free motion quilting). This crinkled finish gives the quilt more of a vintage look. If you prefer a puffier look, you may request polyfil (a polyester) type batting. While polyester does create a puffier quilt it will not be as soft as a quilt made with cotton batting. By using high quality materials you will end up with an extremely soft long lasting quilt. These quilts will only get softer with use and washing. Most of my quilts are “free motion” quilted. I love the finished look of free motion. It is also important to note that my seams are usually closer together than the 4” to 5” required. Why is this important? Because if the quilt stitches are too far apart the batting will wad up after a few washings. Have you ever washed a comforter and ended up with no batting in some places and balls of batting in the other? This is what happens when the stitching is too far apart. All my quilts have been pre-washed so you can see what the quilt will look like after it is washed. It also ensures the measurements of the quilt are accurate as cotton will shrink 3-5% depending on the quality of the fabric.
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